Friday, December 21, 2012

CHRISTMAS in the HISER world!!

Okay so it is almost Christmas and the Christmas break began with the END of the WORLD. These next two weeks should be spent with family, watching the new movies, football and soccer games, getting some serious art time AND some SERIOUS NAP TIME!!***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Our Christmas Art Show at HGA went well and now my students will be getting ready for UIL Visual Scholastic Arts Event in Feb. I will be finishing my Aplomado Falcon gigantic 4 x 5-ish ink piece! Below I have added 3 steps to my close up Kenya Hippo painting--which i will also be finishing soon. Still working on the different cover versions for my new BOOK due out in a few months: TEN SECRETS OF LOVE************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************During these two weeks I will also be scheduling my Art and book appearances for the upcoming SPRING ART season! I hope to see many of you soon! Thanks for reading my words and checking out my ART! Doug Hiser