Saturday, April 28, 2012

Poem Riding the Whale

You've seen this one before-but it goes into an ART SHOW in a couple of weeks with a black matted frame and white words in the mat ---the poem written for the
int- Riding the Whale Doug Hiser Walking down by the sea In the shimmering moonlight I saw you in white Leaving the seashore I can still see those waves Of black, of blue, flashes of cresting white As you go out into the deep I always thought we would fall in love Now I dream of seahorses, Angelfish, ocean leviathans With a pearly seashell to my ear And my heart in a coral cage I stare across the scary water As the silver moon calls the tide I thought we would fall in love Now I dream of you in white Walking on water A silent ceremony Of you, riding the whale, leaving me

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Home from a nice sunny weekend in Georgetown and Austin. The coming week should be sunny great Spring weather. Next weekend I am honored to be judging ART at the International Festival in Houston!
I have too many irons in the fire as usual but as long as Art and Nature are involved I'm right there in the thick of it. Yesterday I got to witness an amazing sight as a big red tailed hawk dived down and landed on a rodent of unknown species and now only dinner for hawks!
May 18th is the Texas LSAG State Art Convention and I am looking forward to the competition and the big show. AS far as my own plans for art projects I have quite a few in progress: The stick and wire sea sculptures-the dolphin, sea turtle, and fish are finished except for their stands, the Whale Girl is ready for her framing-these two pieces are going in an upcoming show.
The Bighorn Duo is ready and mounted to be painted, and the Arabian Oryx ink is sketched out and preliminary oryx drawings are done.
Here is some of the art of the Wading bird chart: Thanks for reading --Doug Hiser

Saturday, April 14, 2012


The Texas City Art Fest is such an amazing event. 300 pieces of art makes it one of the largest in the area. I took 3rd place Art under glass and felt honored among such variety and talent around me. The show will be available for viewing until next Thursday-GO OUT and SEE IT.
The opening was fantastic with a jazz band, tables of food, and drink, and a good award presentation. I loved talking with all the artists, some I knew and others I just met. The College of the Mainland Art Section was especially interesting. The Student sections were fantastic too with art from TC, La Marque and Dickinson schools.
I'm thinking of enetering a new show coming up in a few weeks and it will be a different kind of show and I will NOT be entering Wildlife art. Instead I have some surreal art -well it does involve animals! I have reworked the "Whale Elephant Girl" (a girl in a dress standing on an elephant which is also standing on a whale)-it was a watercolor and now I have painted over it with Acrylic and color pencil-so here is my new version. These are sections of the artwork.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Art show!

This weekend is the Texas City ART Festival! This is a nice big show with a lot of interesting artwork by talented artists. My "White Wolf Waterfall" ink piece has won 3RD Place and the awards and opening of the show is Saturday evening at 6 pm at the Doyle Convention Center.
In other art related news--this Tuesday April 17th at Houston Gateway Academy on evergreen st will be the HGA Spring HS ART SHOW! The show will feature over 350 pieces of HS student artwork-
2-D and 3-D and 25 awards will be given out to the young artists.
And still on the Horizon is the Lone star Art State Convention in Bay City on May 18th in which I will have 3 pieces of art in that major competition.
My latest watercolor painting I have been waiting around to find some time to start the layering process-here is the underlayers version of "Colorado Bighorn Duo"

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Time is running out!

Yes, time is running out and our African trip to KENYA is only 9 WEEKS AWAY! Getting prepared- going to the Travel Dr. this week, Packing away my sketchbooks and my "bush" clothing.
I will deliver 3 pieces of art to the Texas City Art Festival this coming weekend and the show will be the following weekend at the Doyle Convention Center in Texas City.
The State Art Convention will have 3 more of my pieces of art in Bay City May 19th.
A few art sales this week and my TWO bestelling novels are rolling along each weekly sales report! Thanks to everyone out there!!
This summer I will be back to writing on my newest novel, as yet untitled, about the tiny people of the Komodo Islands-- and searching for agents and editors for my other two COMPLETED novels: The Midnight Jungle and The Texas Sugar Pussy Kat Murders.
The phone photos are two of my contrasting styles: ink and acrylic paint, Wildebeasts and Orcas.