Thursday, January 1, 2015


I start the new year off typing with only my left hand because of my pre-Christmas soccer injury and resulting surgery---ruptured right biceps tendon!  So, therefore my plans of super workouts and making lots of art are gone for now.  Next week school starts again and I am getting ready to prepare my students for their upcoming UIL ART competitions.  

Next weekend is the exciting National Society of Artists "miniature art show with all art being smaller than 9 x 12, Doug Hiser NSA, love being recognized as a signature member now.  Looking forward to seeing all the members little paintings!

New Year's Eve my daughter announced that my first grand baby will be born in May and it is a GIRL!  I'll teach her about art and books and oh yeah---NATURE.

2014 was a wild ride -Painting the giant BOOT in Wimberley, Texas, with BIRDS-now installed in front of the visitor's Center-my daughter's marriage in the Bahamas, our trip to Alaska, my Dad's amazing 80th birthday celebration, my step son's marriage, my wife's basketball team winning district again-making her coaching career with 43 district championships, my solo art show PAINTED JUNGLES featuring animal paintings from Africa, Brazil, Ecuador, Galapagos, Montana, Costa Rica, and more, photographing wildlife with my wife, Gayln, in Alaska-whales,eagles,bears, caribou-and in the Texas parks and refuges-alligators and hogs,herons and thousands of sandhill cranes--my son's promotion at his cartoon company in New York, speaking engagements, art shows, qualifying for the 5th year in a row for the National Art Show and the NSA Gold medal, seeing many of my former art students graduating college and starting careers, proudly watching my excited art students win gold medals at VASE and taking three to State VASE, played too much soccer-our outdoor team qualifying for post season playoffs twice--the second time playoff game,in the goal, stopping a point blank shot is what popped my biceps off the bone--

I look forward to a new year with my coming little girl grandchild, no more soccer goalkeeping after a career of 22 years, and a renewed look at teaching and producing art and writing my books!