Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Art is Here! Africa looms on the Horizon

That's right!   We've left Winter in the tear view mirror.  My students have conquered their UIL V.A.S.E. ART competition with 35 GOLD medals and 3 State medals...And on April 23rd We'll be in San Antonio for Texas State Visual Arts Scholastic Event!   Should be awesome!

I have been busy to with commissions, Spring Art show judging and competing, Author and Artist Speaking engagements, and working on our Mountain Lion Life size sculpture --and the start of the four Murals for History, Literature, Science and Math.

The HGA Spring Art competition among all art students is this month too!  With many great art prizes!! 

Two big art shows are coming up:  The Mainland Texas City Art Festival and the National Society of Artists Show at the San Luis in Galveston.  The pieces I have ready to show are:  That leviathan Peacock Rain forest Painting, The ink of "Durer's Dream" and the ink of "Lion Queen", The painting of vultures in Africa known as Scattering of Scavengers" and my detailed ink of the Rhino  in Namibia....So maybe if i am lucky i can snatch a ribbon or two....fingers crossed.....

And then in May the graduation of many of my loved senior Art students!  Followed by the week long TexArt Wildlife Worksop at Schreiner University in Kerrville, Texas  featuring Banovich and McGuirre and others from the Society of Animal Artists.

I am still promoting and getting five star reviews from my 2016 book: Ten Secrets of Love available on Amazon.com.  

Summer is not far away and looking forward to traveling back to Africa -this time to Tanzania.....Keep creating and reading!