Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The last month has been a whirlwind of Art, Art Shows, soccer, and trip planning. The HGA Spring Art show was huge with over 35 awards presented to my art students. I won six awards in the last few shows and qualified for the Nat'l show in the Woodlands in July. ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ON a Quick note I have some new additions to my little zoo---i rescued some tiny dark tadpoles from a dried up ditch and have raised them into cute little frogs. I thought they were Toad tadpoles but now as some progress and lose their tails i am happy to see that they are Green Tree frog tadpoles-sticking already to the sides of the terrarium!! Cannot wait to watch them grow and release them into our gardens!!************************************************************************************************************************************************This month I'll be going to New York City and spending some time hiking in the upstate forests and also visiting my son, Cade Hiser, host of "Hungover with Cade" on Cartoon Hangover--the show that produces Adventure Time cartoon and Bravest Warriors.****************************************************************************************************************************************School is out!! Summer is time to workout-play soccer--Do LOTS of ART--explore nature and photograph animals-AND with that news---The end of July will bring about our journey to find and photograph the elusive big cat of the Amazon, the JAGUAR. That is correct we are going to Brazil and the Pantanal in search of jaguars, giant river otters, huge storks, caiman, tapirs, assorted monkeys, and more---some of our time will be spent on horseback, in boats, hiking the jungles, and also on a river boat called the Jaguar Flotel--when we go into the most remote places to find Jaguars. I am still doing plenty of inks and paintings from our thousands of photos from Kenya and now i will have a huge library of photos that Gayln and i will be taking in Brazil--where we should find over 700 species of birds and tons of other wildlife.****THANK YOU for reading and following-please share and enjoy my ART of animals!! Doug Hiser