Friday, July 2, 2021

HISER ART during the Pandemic 2020-21

 This is the first post in a LONG year that we have all experienced.  A very productive year for my art and books but a disappointing year for travel.  

This was also the year 2021 that i just retired from teaching high school art and all that meant was that i became busier than ever before with my own professional art career and the career of being an author.  

I hope we are coming out of the long dark time and hopefully within this year can can travel internationally again.  We hopefully look forward to going back to Africa in 2022.  I wanted to go back to costa Rica this year but sadly it is not an open country yet.

I qualified for the third year in a row for the amazing ARTISTS for Conservation Art Festival in Vancouver with my ink piece Zebra Crossing but it is still not known if we are able to travel and attend as Canada has not opened to international travel yet.

The December 2020 publication of my epic fantasy 555 page novel Midnight Jungle has been a hit and all 5 star reviews so far.  It was a long journey from those first days i began the task of writing such a complex and huge book.  I am proud of it because it is exciting and unique, filled with adventure and imagination and true love and monstrous creatures.

from 2020 to 2021 I produced to Public Turtle Art Sculptures for Galveston and Jamaica Beach, won the Artist Boat design with extinct birds painting barrel, did well in many art shows so far and achieved 1st, 2nd, and honorable mention in the Lone Star Art Guild Convention.  

The many ZOOM presentations were successful from scratchboard demos to author talks but Next month i get to do a live ink demo in Conroe and a workshop live in august.  In July we will be conducting a LIVE Owl and Lizard summer camp for youth at the Baytown Art League.

The Murals we have finished during this time has been overwhelming when i look back on them.  The Cheetah Mural for Namibia Cheetah Conservation, The six walls of the Jungle Book mural, The FIVE background murals for the Houston Education Raptor Center flight enclosures, The 100 Texas Birds mural for Audubon, the four freshwater Fish for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and we are in the process of completing the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge Animals of the Marsh mural at the nature center.

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