Sunday, December 23, 2018

Fall-Winter 2018 Hiser Art Studios

So much has happened since we returned from Kenya this past summer.  Me and Gayln traveled to Vancouver, Canada and as an Artist for Conservation helped unveil the largest bird mural in the world Silent Skies.  We had great nature trips with Thomas and Theresa in Canada.

My art student painters and myself completed the Santa Fe City Hall Mural, Ten Feathers. 

 I painted quick draw birds at the Audubon and HGA Art Show, Dickinson Art in the Park and my Brazos Art League Painting workshop.  

Me and Gayln and Natalie have had a few great successful birding trips this fall and encountered amazing things, beautiful roseate spoonbills, close up deer encounters, even touching a wandering armadillo nearby and a speckled kingsnake biting the lens of my camera.  

MY students and I participated in the amazing art weekend in downtown Houston, Via Colori where we created a very cool piece of street art.  We also began an ambitious project of filling the walls with Art History parody murals in the Art Room at HGA.

Abby and myself spent a day in nature and at Gator Country holding snakes, lizards and Alligators.
The last day of school I had Zoofari visit my art students with a kangaroo, a red ruffed lemur, a fennec fox, a genet, a skunk, and a vervet monkey.  

My art production was quite proficient as i created many paintings, inks, scratchboards and countless drawings, while teaching art and art history getting my students ready for competition.

I am also finishing up on my Public Art secret commission for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo which will be seen by millions this February and March.

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